100 Days in the Secret Place by Gene Edwards

By Gene Edwards

Uninterested in the workouts of spiritual ritualism and parched via the instructing of dry dogma, guy searches for how again domestic to where of His presence. regrettably, this trip inward is a "road much less traveled" and too few have discovered the best way. Gene Edwards, the grasp storyteller, has accrued jointly the writing of 3 Christian mystics from the 17th century: Michael Molinos, Madam Guyon, and Francois Fenelon, The writings of those "masters of the religious means" may be as lampposts best the weary traveller in the direction of that mystery position lovingly created by means of the daddy. The writings of Molinos, Fuyon, and Fenelon will convey you to the threshold of your personal humanity as they trap you to step over the brink into the area the place God has ready a unique position only for you. Are you dwelling in a drought of religious dryness? Are you misplaced within the depths of non secular loneliness? Are you eager for a second of religious fact? Then a hundred Days in a mystery position is your method out!

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M OLINOS FIRMNESS IN P RAYER The consistency of true prayer is in faith, and in waiting on Him. First you believe that you are in His presence. You believe that you are turning to Him with your heart. And you wait there before Him, tranquilly. These are the only preparations that you need. The final results contain a great deal of fruit. You may expect the enemy to come to you, to disquiet you and cause you trouble, for that is his nature. You will find that the nature of those things you have always enjoyed— pleasures your outward senses have derived from spiritual things (including areas in which you are gifted)—all these will become weak.

You must walk the path of temptation. You will not walk down this road very far before you discover that the most internal parts of you (at least those which you can find) are scattered. Scattered and active, moving from one thing to another. There is a great deal of busyness down there! How can you collect these many and divergent things that are happening within you? Your Lord calls them together by faith and by silence, in the presence of God. Collect yourself in His presence with the one purpose and intent of loving Him.

Faith and intention are always enough. These always continue. The simpler your remembrance is—without words or thoughts—the better foundation you lay for an undistorted relationship with the Lord who abides in you. ” This is the same as the above. With the eyes of faith the spirit within you sees God, believes 39 100 DAYS IN THE SECRET PLACE in Him and stands in His presence. ” Believe. Your spirit always believes. Your spirit knows He is there. Go, then, to that place where belief and knowing are always present.

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