3K, SN’s, Clusters: Hunting the Cosmological Parameters with by Sébastien Fabbro (auth.), Domingos Barbosa, António José Da

By Sébastien Fabbro (auth.), Domingos Barbosa, António José Da Silva, Ana Maria Mourão (eds.)

The previous few years observed the advance of a plethora of experiments and surveys probing the cosmological parameters. The Cosmic Microwave heritage (CMB), the Supernovae (SN) searches and galaxy cluster facts, specifically through X-rays and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich impact, are one of the so much prolific giving precise information regarding the geometry, age and constitution formation of the Universe.

The application of the WS-HCP workshop used to be geared toward highlighting the clinical achievements and to debate the recent atmosphere of "precision cosmology" inside of those 3 probes. the target was once to examine diverse observational thoughts, universal difficulties specifically foregrounds, and to evaluate the influence of observational uncertainties within the choice of key cosmological parameters which describe the primordial universe and the big scale constitution formation mechanism.

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1985, Apl 294, Ll7. COSMOLOGY WITH SUPERNOVAE* The Road from Galactic Supernovae to the edge of the Universe P. RUIZ-LAPUENTE Department of Astronomy, U. Barcelona CERfor Astrophysics, Parfiele Physics and Cosmology, V. Barcelona Max-Planck Institutfür Astrophysik, Garehing bei München Abstract. This review gives an update of the cosmological use of SNe Ia and the progress made in testing their properties from the local universe to high-z. The cosmological road from high-z supernovae down to Galactic SNe Ia is followed in search of the answer to standing questions on their nature and their validity as cosmological indicators.

E. : 1994, in: J. Audouze et al. ), Supernovae, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, p. 63. B. : 1938, Acta Physicochim. USSR 9, 341. ARE TYPE Ia SUPERNOVAE STANDARD CANDLES? BRUNO LEIBUNDGUT European Southern Observatory, Karl-Schwarzschild-Strasse 2, D-85748 Garching, Germany Abstract. The use of standard candles for distance measurements is wide spread. Yet, we currently do not know a pure standard candle in astronomy. The concept of standard candles involves not only the secure establishment of a unique luminosity but also a clear observational distinction of the objects as a class.

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