365 Affirmations for Hopeful Living by Patricia D. Brown

By Patricia D. Brown

"How do I make fit decisions?" "What does loving my neighbor mean?" " How do I give up to God?" Do you usually wonder whether you are the just one being affected by questions like those? you are not on my own. Patricia D. Brown is helping you discover the solutions to those questions and plenty of extra as she publications you thru twelve months of renewal to your spirit. every one uplifting meditation starts off with a Scripture examining and ends with an confirmation for mirrored image and prayer.

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As I take time to assure that my own needs are being met in healthy ways, I give of my time and energy and lend a helping hand to my neighbor. --Psalms 27:11a Today I look at unspoken rules that control my actions. I know I continue to live by rules that are no longer congruent with who I am. I once drew a map, with highways and paths, which seemed accurate in directing my journey. This map proved to be full of dead ends and detours. Now I must crumple up this map and begin again to write new directions to guide my choices.

Today I look at my skills of parenting and am aware of how I act and react. My aim is to model skills that will help my children lead happy, productive lives. I have learned from the actions of my parents, and now I listen for a loving parental voice as I speak to my children. I now have the opportunity to model self-acceptance, firmness, and balance to my children. I have a warm heart which allows me to hug and kiss my children and let them know how greatly I love and care for them. I treat them in ways that allow them to be the wonderful persons they are.

I am friendly and resilient. My unique qualities are appreciated by the people around me. Both they and I are people of worth, prized for the contributions we each can make. I don't need to earn anything because it is God who gives me worth. Therefore I do not need to compete against other people. They have their purpose and mission in life and I have mine. I value and enjoy the abilities they possess. I appreciate others for the unique persons God created them to be and also rejoice in my own special talents.

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