365 Meditations for Men by James A. Harnish

By James A. Harnish

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Week 4, Thursday Generation to Generation Read Psalms 90. I found the picture by surprise in my daughter's apartment. It was tucked inside an album my mother had given to her. The black-and-white snapshot has turned brown, but the picture is still clear. My newly married parents are standing at the foot of the reflecting pool at Bok Tower, in Lake Wales, Florida. He was stationed in Orlando during the war and wears his army uniform. She wears a vintage '40s cotton sundress. They were visiting what was then one of Florida's major attractions.

First I pretend I didn't hear her. Then when that fails, I mumble, “Uh-huh,” as though I actually intend to take action, which, of course, I don't. Finally, I promise to fulfill her request during the very next commercial. It's not the best approach to building trust and improving communication in one's marriage. Fortunately, I've been blessed by a very understanding and forgiving wife. She's put up with me for over thirty-five years. When it comes to the spiritual realm, however, trying to pull such stunts with God is a far more serious matter.

O Lord, I bless your name for your goodness to me! Amen. Week 4, Monday Fullness of Joy Read Psalms 16. As a Benedictine prioress, Joan Chittister's life is radically different from mine, but I identify with her definition of prayer as “a chance to sit down and reflect on something more important than getting out today's mail.... The function of prayer is to give expression to the signs of joy and hope you see. It's the place to count your real joys” (Joan Chittister, “A Sign and a Choice,” Sojourners, June 1987, p.

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