40 Days of Prayer and Fasting by Mahesh Chavda

By Mahesh Chavda

I bought this booklet hoping to benefit how one can cross on a forty day quickly. in spite of the fact that, this e-book is just a devotional with every day (beginning with day 1) being a devotion. If ever I do cross on a forty day quick, i'm convinced this can be a really valuable ebook.

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We need revelation and understanding of certain matters, situations, or truths in the Bible. Sometimes the Lord’s revelation doesn’t necessarily come at the time of the fast, but later on. Demonic obstructions hold us or cling to us with several arms. Every time you pray under the anointing, something happens. Keep praying through until the last tentacle comes off and you see the healing and deliverance! 52 X QUESTIONS X 1. Do you fast when you are in a crisis? Does your prayer level go up several notches?

They didn’t have the power to overcome the demon they faced. The credibility of their ministry had been totally compromised. 30 X QUESTIONS X 1. Why is submitting to the discipline of the Holy Spirit so key to our accomplishing our mission on earth? What does submitting to the discipline of the Holy Spirit mean? How is this accomplished? 2. How have you been disciplined by the Holy Spirit? Do these crucial works reflect the amount of power you have in the Spirit to do God’s will? 3. The author tells us that fasting is a primary element to releasing God’s power in our lives.

First, it was a faint mirror image of Jesus’ own call from Isaiah 61. It was but a foretaste or sample of what would come to pass after Jesus had finished His work on the cross and given His followers the incredible gift of the baptism in the Holy Spirit beginning on Pentecost Day. Secondly, the disciples ran into a seemingly insurmountable obstacle later on when they encountered the demon that refused to budge below the Mount of Transfiguration (see Matt. 17:21; Mark 9:29). That was the day the disciples learned about the “hidden power” of fasting and prayer in the ministry of deliverance and signs and wonders.

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