40 Days to Starting Over. No More Sheets Challenge by Juanita Bynum

By Juanita Bynum

The forty Days to beginning Over: not more Sheets problem is a vital software and better half piece to the ground-breaking and empowering e-book, not more Sheets. Many believers this day are sure by means of the "sheets" in their past—drug dependancy, emotional bondage, sexual concerns, abuse, and different life-shattering issues. Dr. Juanita Bynum offers an easy-to-follow advisor for believers suffering to dwell in God's ideal will. via devotions, meditation, and journaling, you're led via a technique to do away with the sheets which are entangling you and lead a fuller, extra efficient existence serving the King of kings. This magazine is a 40-day trip to discover your id. by the point you whole Day forty, you might have met the individual you misplaced goodbye in the past. you've turn into reacquainted with who you actually are, and you're going to love who you spot!

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How has this realization (or lack thereof ) played out in your marriage? If you are single, how can you get a firm grasp on the weight of possible future vows? … If your mate has not come through prayer and supplication, then you have chosen that mate illegally. Your relationship has a shaky foundation. Only deep repentance by both parties can repair the damage. If you date and marry in the flesh, I can tell you this: expect extra, extra, extra problems along with the problems that marriage already comes with.

Or, if a sister has dated him for more than six months, then you two women need to talk. She must be allowed to say, “I see that you have an interest in this brother. We went out a couple of times. We both agreed that this is not the will of God for our lives. ” There is a right and wrong way to do everything. (No More Sheets, Revised Edition, Page 118) The right way of doing something is not always the easiest. How does getting the above situations right create a strong foundation for a new relationship?

If you have been in the sheets, how did you feel afterward? With Genesis 2:24 in mind, explain why you felt that way. How would you feel differently after sex within the bans of marriage? 5. Intercourse is a covenant act that ties two souls together. How do these soul ties affect your life when they are formed outside of marriage? Within marriage? When a man enters your body, he comes to stay. You and he are one. We take that for granted. When a man has intercourse with you, he adds his life to yours.

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