A Dirty Job: A Novel by Christopher Moore

By Christopher Moore

Charlie Asher is an attractive basic man with a typical lifestyles, married to a shiny and beautiful girl who really loves him for his normalcy. They're even approximately to have their first baby. definite, Charlie's doing okay—until humans commence losing useless round him, and in all places he is going a dismal presence whispers to him from lower than the streets. Charlie Asher, it sort of feels, has been recruited for a brand new place: as loss of life.

It's a filthy activity. yet, good day! Somebody's gotta do it.

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Ray lived on a generous disability pension from the city and worked for Charlie in exchange for free 40 Christopher moore rent on his fourth-floor apartment, thus keeping the transaction off both their books. He spun around on the stool to face Charlie. “Hey—uh—I wanted to say that, you know, your situation, I mean, your loss. Everybody liked Rachel. You know, if I can do anything—” It was the first time Charlie had seen Ray since the funeral, so the awkwardness of secondary condolences had yet to be forded.

It’s radioactive, ma’am. I’m sorry. ” “I wasn’t dating her,” Ray said. ” “It is not radioactive,” the woman said. “You’re just trying to jack up the price. ” “No, ma’am, public safety,” Charlie said, trying to look concerned, holding the frog to his chest as if shielding her from its dangerous energy. “And it’s clearly ridiculous. You’ll note that this frog is playing a banjo with only two strings. A travesty, really. Why don’t you let my colleague show you something in a cymbal-playing monkey.

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