A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan (The Forbidden Room) by J P Barnaby

By J P Barnaby

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I had disregarded the glass entirely and took a pull straight from the bottle. I didn’t care; I needed the numbness that it would grant me. After the scotch started to counter the desperate and cold feeling in me, my mind drifted back to the first time I had ever seen Jayden. I was nervous about taking on a boarder, but I was also tired of being alone. Lexi had suggested that bringing a stranger into my home might help me to be more comfortable around people, maybe even help me to make a few friends.

The bitterness swelled in me, consuming me as I tried yet again to cut off my emotions, desperately trying not to feel. It didn’t work. With his hands gently touching me, I knew that I was lost. ” I asked him softly. Instead of answering, he finished up quickly and helped me back to my room. Nicole and Lexi had put fresh sheets on the bed and after drying off, I laid down on my stomach as Jayden applied an antiseptic to my welts. It had been a week since my visit to Dominique, so they didn’t require any type of bandage because they were already closed, but cleaning them would certainly help.

I all but bruised his lips with the veracity of it and he moaned quietly into my mouth. It made me feel so good to have him against me like this. We broke apart a minute later, both of us panting slightly and he chuckled. “Get dressed and we can head over there. ” He said with a smile as he got off the bed. As I stood in the shower a few minutes later, my mind raced with the things that I wanted to put to paper. It wasn’t going to just be a catalog of things that had happened to me, but rather anything that came to mind.

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