A Man Of Means (Harlequin Presents) by Kay Thorpe

By Kay Thorpe

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Cathy was obviously made of sterner stuff. ' Dana wished she could have the same opportunity. Leo's younger brother had put them all in a bad spot. The thought of having others know of the situation existing at the cottage made her curl up inside, yet how could they hope to conceal it? Where did Mark think the other two were going to sleep anyway? She was silent all the way to the cottage, dreading the moment of entry, the necessary prevarications and total lack of understanding. Perhaps they could pretend they really were brother and sister rather than husband and wife, she thought wildly at one point; that would explain the use of both bedrooms.

You're quite an important man, it seems. "City Banker Weds" was the caption. You've got a brother called Gary, haven't you? I met him a couple of times with Julian Manston. What happened to him, by the way? ' Mark's tone gave nothing away. ' 'Julian told me his father and elder brother were in banking—Senior & Simpson. ' She laughed again. ' 'Who indeed,' Mark said dryly. ' He leaned forward to put his cup on the tray. ' Ian sounded diffident. ' Dark brows lifted. 'That's your own affair. Leave those, Dana.

He and Mark were at school together. ' 'Sounds just my type. ' This time it was Dana's turn to have her tongue in he cheek. 'I doubt if his wife would see it that way. Anyway, he isn't your type. ' The knock on the door drowned Beverley's reply to . that. 'The cars are here, girls,' called Charles Payne from the corridor, is Beverley ready? ' Dana sang out for them both. She took up the hand-spray of dark red rosebuds, which picked up the colour of Beverley's own dress. 'I still think it's a bit ridiculous having you travel to the church in a car by yourself.

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