A Maze of Death (SF Masterworks 63) by Philip K. Dick

By Philip K. Dick

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He heard his voice bleat out in its weakness, steeped in its paucity of knowledge. The bleat of foolishness, of the greatest amount of insanity of which he was capable. He knew this, heard it and recognized it, and still he clung to it; he continued on. "I know I'm not perfect," he said. "But I can't change. " Don't tell me, he thought. Please, don't tell me any more. I don't want to know! The Walker regarded him for a moment. " "I'm grateful, damn grateful. " "Many times during the past years you've thought to yourself what you would say to me if you met me again.

He grinned, but Fred Gossim, the settlement's chief engineer, failed to return the message of triumph; instead Gossim frowned even more strongly. His disapproving presence pervaded the office. Mary Morley said quietly, "My husband applied for this transfer eight years ago. We never intended to stay here. " "And we're going with them," Michael Niemand stammered in excitement. "That's what you get for bringing a top-flight marine biologist here and then setting him to work hauling blocks of stone from the goddam quarry.

Morley? I can't quite make it out. " "Yeah, you'll have to speak up. " "What I said was – " "You're frightening her. " "Ask Maggie Walsh, she'll fix one for you. J. " "Oh Christ, if I can just get the damn pot to shut off when it's hot. " "I don't see why our communal coffee pot won't work, they perfected them back in the early part of the twentieth century. " "Think of it as being like Newton's Color Theory. " "Yes, you always bring that up. " "You mean there may be things about homeostatic coffee pots that we don't know?

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