A Night of Serious Drinking by René Daumal

By René Daumal

An evening of great consuming is between Rene Daumal's most crucial literary works. Like Daumal's Mount Analogue it's a vintage paintings of symbolic fiction. An unnamed narrator spends a night getting under the influence of alcohol with a gaggle of friends.; because the get together turns into intoxicated and exuberant, the narrator embarks on a trip that levels from seeming paradises to the depths of natural hell. the glorious global depicted in an evening of great consuming is basically the normal global grew to become the other way up. The characters are referred to as the Anthographers, Fabricators of lifeless gadgets, Scienters, Nibblists, Clarificators, and different absurd titles. but the population of those unusual nation-states are just too customary: scientists dissecting an animal of their laboratory, a smart guy surrounded by means of his devotees, politicians, poets expounding their rhetoric. those characters practice hilarious antics and highbrow video games, which they see as severe makes an attempt to discover that means and freedom.

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Instead, he has hit upon a quite sublime ploy : he makes useless objects; since they are useless, no one uses them ; since nobody uses them, they never wear out; ergo, they will last a long time. There's a logic of sorts there. Now in each of these obj ects-and here's the secret of which the public has no idea-he hides a small fragment of the organ. When it's all used up, the man dies. But this darling, sickly organ, preserved in­ side many varied shapes and guises, lives on, sometimes for cen­ turies.

44 10 The Fabricators of useless articles, whom w e shall simply call the Fabricators for brevity and to avoid wounding their dangerous sus­ ceptibilities, never call things by their name. Some live in houses made entirely of glass which they call ivory towers; some in con­ crete boxes which they call glass houses; large numbers in photo­ graphic dark rooms which they call Nature; and many more in dog-headed baboon cages, vampire caves, penguin parks, perform­ ing-flea circuses, and puppet theaters which they call the world or society : and they all dote on and pamper one of their internal bodily organs, usually one with something wrong with it, such as intestine, liver, lung, thyroid, or brain, stroking it fondly, embellishing it with flowers and j ewels, stuffiing it with the choicest morsels, call­ ing it "my soul," "my life," "my truth, " and they are always ready to launder in blood the most trifling insult to the object of their inner devotions.

But if you must, you can skip the obscene words. We'll get by without them . " "Right," I said. ' 'I've got this awful unquenchable. I ' d give any­ thing for a stiff or a glass of chilled. " "We shall have to visit the Fabricators and Clarificators before getting to see the gods. When you're there, if you behave properly, you might be allowed to breathe the vapors rising from the lower depths through the trap door. More I cannot promise. But rest as­ sured, the return trip will be very short : j ust the time it takes to think of it.

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