A Practical Atlas of Congenital Heart Disease by Audrey Smith PhD, FIBMS, Roxane McKay MD, FRCS, FRCSC

By Audrey Smith PhD, FIBMS, Roxane McKay MD, FRCS, FRCSC (auth.)

Developed to combine cardiac anatomy with surgical fix through reviewing person center defects inside an easy-to-follow reference layout, A useful Atlas of Congenital center Disease is designed to permit the reader to envision a congenitally malformed middle whereas touching on its anatomic and surgical description on a unmarried web page unfold.

Simple line drawings are used to spot the diagnostic anatomic positive factors and to stress vital surgical landmarks, permitting readers to distinguish the infinitely variable morphology in medical perform. The anatomic pathologist also will achieve an figuring out of surgical maintenance of postoperative hearts. For nearly each malformation, the location of the really good conduction tissue is indicated.

The booklet presents examples of malformations and the correct surgical concerns, reflecting medical perform: anatomical specimens are proven within the anatomical place, whereas the surgical figures are proven as they might be visible operatively. this allows the reader to perform psychological imaging of the morphologic and spatial relationships which are quintessential to congenital center surgical procedure. additionally, a number of the illustrated circumstances and morphology offered in those pages are themselves infrequent and infrequently precise examples of specific congenital middle malformations.

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The descending aorta is mobilized extensively and drawn into the anterior mediastinum with ac-clamp. Division of the aberrant subclavian artery is often necessary to achieve this. After excision of all ductal tissue, the descending aorta is anastomosed end-to-side to the ascending aorta and origin of the left carotid artery with acontinuous monofilament suture. The ascending aorta is the more delicate structure in this anastomosis, and it can be useful to support the posterior suture line with a strip of autogenous pericardium.

To a degree, the patterns of anomalies which are associated with bilateral left- or right-sidedness reflect a duplication or absence of the structures most characteristically found in either one or other of the atriums. Thus, the connection of the pulmonary veins and the coronary sinus, which are normally left atrial structures, tend to be more consistently abnormal or absent in right atrial isomerism, while interruption of the inferior caval vein and absence of the sinus node, as noted above, are more common in left atrial isomerism.

24 The aorta is opened on its lateral side from below the arterial duct onto the origin of the left subclavian Patch angioplasty is conveniently done with a branch. single, large side-biting clamp controlling all the vascular structures. This has been advocated as a very quick procedure for a sick neonate because minimal dissection is necessary, and is applicable also for long segment hypoplasia. 5 em below the arterial duct, across the lateral side of the isthmus, and the full length of the subclavian artery whose first five or six branches are divided.

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