A Stratigraphic Index of Dinoflagellate Cysts by A. James Powell (auth.), A. J. Powell (eds.)

By A. James Powell (auth.), A. J. Powell (eds.)

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25 Sub-biozone d Age. Aalenian, Murchisonae to Concavum Ammonite Zones. Definition. The interval between the LADs of Ovalieysta hiata, Parvoeysta bullula, P. craeens, P. nasuta, Reutlingia eardobarbata, Susadinium knertene and S. ser%ides, and the FAD of Duratrigia daveyi and LAD of Serinioeassis weberi (Figs. 9). Sub-biozone e Age. Early Bajocian, Discites to Sauzei Ammonite Zones. Definition. The interval between the FAD of Duratrigia daveyi and LAD of Scrinioeassis weberi, and the FAD of Aeanthaulax crisp a (Figs.

Subzones a and b are retained and Sub-biozone a no further subdivision is made because of the absence of new data from this interval. The Age. Portlandian, Albani Ammonite Zone. Dichadogonyaulax culmula and Dingodinium spinosum zones of Davey (1979) cover the Definition. The interval between the FAD of same interval as the Dpa Biozone and are Dichadogonyaulax eulmula and LAD of Oecisimilar in definition; the FAD of Dichado- sucysta balios, and the LAD of Scriniodinium gonyaulax culmula defines the base of Davey's inritibile (Figs.

Ctenidodinium sellwoodii DiacanJhum? jilapicatum Ctenidodinium conJinuum Ctenidodinium combaz;i Cleistosphaeridium polytrichum Grp. Chytroeisphaeridia chytroeides Aldorjia aldorfensis Rhynchodiniopsis'! regalis Nannoceratopsis gracilis Valvaeodinium spinosum Gongylodinium erymnoteichos Nannoceratopsis spiculata Leptodinium cf. " q<> -- - --- - - - - - Cse (a) Cse (b) - - - - - - Adnatosphaeridium caulleryi Ctenidodinium cornigera Sirmiodiniopsis orbis Sentusidinium spp. Pareodinia ceratophora NaTITWCeralopsis pellucida Meiourogonyaulax caytonensis Grp.

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