A Theological Study of Old-Babylonian Personal Names, Vol. 2 by Alpin Wendell Bowes

By Alpin Wendell Bowes

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Ain. > ICa]-Me-Ir-ra (UET V. 707:13> v .... e- EN-2U (UET V, 372:r9> v Iatar-baniat {1> E~4-0AR-ba-ni-at v v Istar-ilulR "Iatar ia the god" <1> E§4-0AR-OINGIR (y&! ', "Iatar ia the li£e-giver" (1) E§ 4 -DAR-au-ba-al-li-it, <~ XII. other" 2 (1) E::::5 -DAR-ua-ai (UET V '9'6'3> -" 4 v Y v 0 Istar-u••i-eniati .. other to the weak woman" , • (1) E§ 4 -OAR-uIR-ai-e-ni-il-ti (W[L V, 95:2> . ( -- ) 334 v v Iaull-abi "lau. is my £ather" <1> dl-~ua-a-bi v v 110 laua, grace,1I Iaua-ennea d <1> v I-aua-en-naa em.

A "My god haa exchanged" , , v (1) 1-li-us-pe-e[ll (y&! - ..... - OOHis god is the one who spares" lleu-gam1l v ) . (1) OINGIR-au-ga-m11 v Ilau-nasir "Hi. ector" (1) v DINGIR-sY-na-e1r <[(1 V, 150:8) v (2) DINGIR-su-na-ai-(iJr v .... I, V, 221:7) v ... i llaaau (1) .... he physician" (1) DINGIR-a-eu CUET V, 602:5> - ...

E~- EN-ZU. (UET V, 485:8) , v . -,e~et-XXX (~X1I, 333:r12) ,. Nergel-bani ' (1) d GIR-UNU-GAL-ba-ni (YA! V, 263:r15) "Nergal is the giver"' Nergal-nedin ' (1) d GIR-UNU-GAL,.. en] a ,. i!. V, _~97: 19) A "'The gi£t o£ S1n" (1) d . N1-id-ne-at- EN-ZU (UET V, 115:r20). liI. Vi 520:r18)' . a~' ... ~"' (1) N1-1d~ni-E§4-DAR 1 . ", I This reading £ollowa D. Charpin, BiOr 38,', p. 5~7. 2 Thia reading £ollows E. v·yon Weiher, AQAT XI, p. 28 •. ' ¢W(L V, p. 52 hae -99(1)-a(1)-••-1r. J 343 Ninazu-gemil (1 "Ninezu is the one who spares" d > ':.

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