Advanced heat resistant steels for power generation by R. Viswanathan

By R. Viswanathan

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Figure 2 compares allowable stresses for 9-12Cr steels including low alloy steels, and Fig. 3 Temperature CC) Fig. u I;:;EL~~O\ I 0 UO\~~ 0\::;S-\08~ O\'U;:~OJ~ ~::c I E-t~~ZE-4~ $-( U0\ ° E-t ~Z ~ zcO >- z >~> _::l1=O E-4 zU ~ ~~ 0- NN ~ 6- BB z> ci~ NU N N -~ ou~9~~ N(f) uu o 0 ~ xx < ~ 66 E-t $-(C'! UN m1 ~~0 0 ~~$-($-( >>- _1~lI1 oI 0 ~ o~~9~ ~~IU\t? I~UN~ $-( INC$-( ~UC<~ rlNNN~ ~;:;- ;::;C~~N ~~UU~ 0\ ~~~~Z $-( U N~ U0 ~ Z>0 U ('Ij ~ I ('Ij I $-( u ~ ~ N ~ ~>< (f) NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN STEELS FOR POWER GENERATION 105 h Creep Rupture Strength at 35 MPa .

En UJ UJ ! ,g < 50 550 600 650 700 Temperature CC) Fig. 08 AISI304 I 18Cr-8NiTi AISI321 + Cr +Ni (SUS321J1 HTB) (168) Cu Addition 18Cr-8NiCuNbN Super304H 18Cr-8NiMo AISI316 22Cr-12Ni AISI309 I o 18Cr-SNiNb AISI347 +Mo 45 BOILERS (SUS304J1HTB) (80) 25Cr-20Ni I AISI310 ~I (1S1) 25Cr-20NiNbN HR3C I (SUS310J1TB) (186) 20Cr-25NiMoNbTi NF709 (SUS310J2TB) (155) I 22Cr-15NiNbN Tempaloy A-3 (SUS309J4HTB) ( ) designates 105 h creep rupture strengh at 600 Fig. 11 Development Progress of Austenitic Steels for Boiler and that their additions are markedly lower than those of conventional 321H and 347H.

DEVELOPMENTS AND ALLOY DESIGN IN AUSTENITIC STEELS Table 2 shows nominal chemical compositions of austenitic steels for power boilers. Steels are classified into four groups: ISCr-SNi, 15Cr-15Ni, 20-25Cr and High Cr-High Ni steels. Figures 9 and 10 compare allowable stresses for 18Cr-8Ni and 15Cr-15Ni steels, and for 20-25Cr and High Cr-High Ni steels respectively. Figure 9 indicates that Tempaloy A-l,14 Super 304H15 and TP347HFG16 (19Cr-SNi steels) have strengths equivalent to or higher than those of 15Cr15Ni steels such as 17-14CuMo, which was originally held to have had a high strength.

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