Advances in LES of complex flows: proceedings of the by Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi

By Rainer Friedrich, Wolfgang Rodi

Includes the complaints of the EUROMECH Colloquium, held in Munich, Germany. Articles concentrate on new advancements within the box of large-eddy simulation of advanced flows regarding the themes of modeling and research of subgrid scales, numerical matters in LES, and combustion and magnetohydrodynamics.

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References 1. Fluid Mech. 278, 351 2. : 1992 ‘Turbulence: the filtering approach’ J. Fluid Mech. 238, 325 3. : 1999 ‘Balancing errors in LES’ Proceedings Direct and Large-Eddy sim­ ulation III: Cambridge. , Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1-12 4. : 1997 ‘Inverse modeling for large-eddy simulation’ Phys. of Fluids 9, 3585 5. : 1997 ‘A subgrid-scale model based on the estimation of unresolved scales of turbulence’ Phys. of Fluids 9, 1 6. : 1999 ‘An approximate deconvolution procedure for large-eddy simulation’, Phys.

As remarked in Carati et al. (1999) the expansion of any symmetric filter with a well defined second moment in real space always starts with the Clark term (11). Clearly when the filtering length goes to zero its effect, homogeneous or not, disappears. It is however reasonable to think that, at least in the limit of a vanishing effect, also the general physical properties of the commutative moment explored in this paper could be extended to other similar elliptic filters of variable width. 3. The effect of a variable filtering time.

These conditions imply: It can readily be proved that in LES is realizable semidefinite if and only if the filter kernel is positive for all x and To show this, we introduce with which the turbulent stress tensor can be written as: with If we now suppose then eq. (5) defines an inner-product and consequently the tensor forms a 3 × 3 Grammian matrix of inner products which is always positive semidefinite and hence satisfies the realizability conditions. For the proof of the reverse statement we refer to [1].

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