Ammonite faunas and stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous by JenFo Nagy

By JenFo Nagy

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Description: - The shell is discoidal in outline with comparatively narrow umbilicus and slightly convex whorl sides. Ornamentation consists of commashaped umbilical bullae, prominent ribbing, and large, subconical ventral clavi. At a diameter of c. 115 mm the shell bears 13 umbilical bullae per whorl. Each umbilical bulla gives rise to one or two ribs, which terminates in the ventral clavi. Near umbilicus the ribs are low and narrow, but show a strong increase in height and breadth towards the venter.

1931: The Gastroplites and other Lower Cretaceous faunas of the Northern Great Plains. - Royal Soc. Canada Proc. , ser, Ill, XXV, sec. IV, 1-7. Ottawa. 1933: The ammonoid genera Gastroplites and Neogastroplites. - Idem, ser. Ill, XXVII, sec. IV, 13-24. Ottawa. MILBOURNE, R. , 1963: The Gault at Ford Place, Wortham, Kent. - Proc. Geol. , 74, part I, 55-79. London. NATHORST, A. , 1910a: Beitrage zur Geologie der Baren-Insel, Spitzbergens und des KonigKarl-Landes. - Bull. Geol. Inst. Unio, Upsala, X, 261-416.

The majority of the specimens are crushed laterally. Description: - The whorls are higher than wide, with trapezoidal section that is widest at the umbilical bullae. The venter is subtabulate and lacks a distinct siphonal depression. The umbilical wall is subvertical at base, but rounds evenly into the gently convex flanks. At a diameter of 68 mm the shell bears 16-18 primary and 19-21 secondary ribs per whorl. The dorsal ends of the primary ribs are swollen, and form distinct umbilical bullae.

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