An introduction to Hydrozoa by Jean Bouillon, Cinzia Gravili, Francesc Pagès, Josep-Maria

By Jean Bouillon, Cinzia Gravili, Francesc Pagès, Josep-Maria Gili, Ferdinando Boero

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A, anacrophore. B, acrophore. C, desmoneme. D, spirotele. E, aspirotele. F, atrichous isorhiza. G, basitrichous isorhiza. H, merotrichous isorhiza. I, apotrichous isorhiza. J, holotrichous isorhiza. K, atrichous anisorhiza. L, homotrichous anisorhiza. M, heterotrichous anisorhiza. N, macrobasic atrichous mesotele. O, microbasic mastigophore. P, macrobasic mastigophores (after Mariscal, 1974: p. 132, fig. , 1988). FIG. 19. Histologie des hydroïdes, différents types de cnidocystes décrits chez les hydroïdes et méduses.

E, eurytèle sémiophorique microbasique. F, eurytèle télotriche macrobasique. G, eurytèle mérotriche macrobasique. H, eurytèle holotriche macrobasique. I, sténotèle. J, pseudosténotèle. K, birhopaloide (A-I, K d’après Mariscal 1974 : p. 133, fig. , 1986). , Hydra). In medusae, they differentiate either at the level of the nettle ring (Trachymedusae and some Limnomedusae) or, if this formation is missing, in the tentacular bulbs. Wrapped in the cnidocytes, they migrate from the cnidogenous regions toward the tentacles or other armed regions, through the ectoderm, the endoderm, the mesoglea or even the gastric cavity.

From the outside, the ocelli appear as brown, red, or black spots on the tentacular bulbs or, in certain Leptomedusae, under the statocysts. Ocelli, according to the species, have a more or less complex structure. The eyes of Eleutheria, here considered as typical, are composed of a cupule constituted by intermixed ectodermal pigmented cells and by nerve cells, with a central crystalline formation. The whole is situated above the nettle ring, in the ectodermal layer from which it originates. In Tiaropsis, the pigment cells are endodermal.

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