Atlas of Tissue Doppler Echocardiography — TDE by R. Erbel (auth.), Raimund Erbel MD, FESC, FACC, H. Joachim

By R. Erbel (auth.), Raimund Erbel MD, FESC, FACC, H. Joachim Nesser MD, Jaroslaw Drozdz MD (eds.)

This is the 1st ebook to offer an summary of the interesting new cardiac imaging means of tissue Doppler echocardiography (TDE). that allows you to comprehend the historical past of this system, it is crucial to check the actual houses of blood, which displays ultrasound poorly yet strikes with excessive speed (up to one hundred fifty cm/s) with these of the myocar­ dium, which displays ultrasound strongly yet strikes with low speed (less than 10 cm/s). In tissue Doppler imaging, current Doppler expertise has been converted to avoid the high-pass filter out and improve calculation of low velocities, hence permitting selective visualization of the myocardium instead of of the blood. as the colour Doppler tissue photographs are tremendous­ imposed at the traditional two-dimensional ultrasound photos, this system is named TDE. Following a short creation, the background of ultrasound and Doppler imaging is gifted. it really is now approximately a hundred and fifty years because the demise of Christian Doppler, who defined the "Doppler" impact, and greater than a hundred years on the grounds that Pierre Curie stumbled on the piezoelectric results of crystals. TDE used to be built by means of Nobuo Yamazaki and Yoshitaka Mine on the Medi­ cal Engineering Laboratory, Toshiba company, Tochigi, Japan. En­ gineers serious about the improvement of the approach have supplied vital technical info, which the reader will locate a useful heritage to power purposes ofTDE.

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I may still prefer to exhibit my gratitude to my manager, Professor H. Schultink, whose criticisms and cautious examining helped me to enhance significantly upon the readability of exposition whereas I wrote this learn, and whose doubtless blameless requests to difficult faced me repeatedly with the necessity of revising or leaving behind principles i presumed stood on company floor.

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The velocity values are above 2 cm/s. The late-diastolic myocardial velocity occurs after the P-wave on the ECG and is related to the left ventricular filling due to atrial contraction. Interventricular Septum The interventricular septum velocity pattern is more complex (Figs. 6). After the systolic backward motion a phase occurs with different velocity directions across the wall. At the end of this phase both the interventricular septum and posterior wall are moving toward the transducer. This means that in the parasternal view the heart is moving toward the transducer.

Arrows indicate the phase of the cardiac cycle on the EeG. During late diastole, before the P-wave on the EeG, low backward velocities are indicated by dark blue. High myocardium backward velocities during atrial left ventricular filling are indicated by green. The only part of the left ventricle moving in the opposite direction is the apex. (LV = left ventricle). Note the synchrony of the wall velocities Chapter 5 Fig. 11. Normal heart. 75 MHz transducer. 5 cm/s. Four frames illustrating left ventricular wall velocities during early diastole Normal Pattern of Myocardial Velocity 37 (upper left), late diastole before the P-wave on the EeG (upper right), late diastole after atrial contraction (below left), and during systole (below right).

TDE, suprasternal view, short axis of right pulmonary artery. During systole the right pulmonary artery is represented in red colors (movement anteriorly towards transducer). Structures within the vessel moving in opposite direction, represented in blue color, allow the identification of an intravascular thrombus which disappeared after thrombolysis Fig. 4b. Lung perfusion scintigraphy, 60 m BqTc 99m MAA. Above left: ventral view, above right: dorsal view. Below left: right posterior oblique view (RPO), below right: left posterior oblique view (LPO).

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