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The results of a fifty-year means of research, this article represents the theological convergence that has been completed, via a long time of discussion, below the information of the Holy Spirit.

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Apostolic tradition in the Church means continuity in the permanent characteristics of the Church of the apostles: witness to the apostolic faith, proclamation and fresh interpretation of the Gospel, celebration of baptism and the eucharist, the transmission of ministerial responsibilities, communion in prayer, love, joy and suffering, service to the sick and the needy, unity among the local churches and sharing the gifts which the Lord has given to each. 25 B. Succession of the Apostolic Ministry 35.

Likewise those ordained offer their gifts to the Church and commit themselves to the burden and opportunity of new authority and responsibility. At the same time, they enter into a collegial relationship with other ordained ministers. C. The Conditions for Ordination 45. People are called in differing ways to the ordained ministry. There is a personal awareness of a call from the Lord to dedicate oneself to the ordained ministry. This call may be discerned through personal prayer and reflection, as well as through suggestion, example, encouragement, guidance coming from family, friends, the congregation, teachers, and other church authorities.

THE MATERIALS 1. Growing Together in Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (Geneva, WCC, 1982) is a discussion guide written by William H. Lazareth for lay study groups. It is brief, inexpensive, written in a lively style, and addressed primarily to the general reader. 2. Ecumenical Perspectives on Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (Geneva, WCC, 1983) is a volume of theological essays edited by Fr Max Thurian which provides doctrinal and liturgical scholars with fuller treatments of the technical issues involved.

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