Basic Concepts in Kabbalah by Rav Michael Laitman

By Rav Michael Laitman

Analyzing during this e-book, one develops inner observations and methods that didn't formerly exist inside of. This booklet is meant for contemplation of non secular phrases. To the level that we're built-in with those phrases, we start to unveil the non secular constitution that surrounds us, virtually as though a mist have been lifted.

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All that exists in each world is divided into four levels: Inanimate, Vegetative, Animate, and Human. These correspond to four levels of desire. Similarly, every object consists of these four sub-levels of desire: • The aspiration to sustain one’s existence corresponds to the inanimate level of development. • The aspiration to wealth corresponds to the vegetative level of development. • The aspiration to power, fame, and honor corresponds to the animate level of development. • And the aspiration to knowledge corresponds to the human level.

This means that by imparting the sensation of egoism to the soul, the Creator created something else besides Himself, because different desires separate objects in the spiritual world. Therefore, the object (the soul) and the egoism (the body) become separate parts. Similarly, man is remote from the Creator, like an organ that was cut off from the body. They are so distant from each other that man does not feel the Creator at all. Indeed, the distance is so great that he can only believe in Him, not know Him.

Since we exist in the material world, the necessary minimum for the existence of the body is not considered a manifestation of egoism. Can we do good to others with absolute selflessness? After all, the Creator created us as absolute egoists, possessing a will to enjoy. We cannot transform our nature, and even by being good to each other, we will consciously or subconsciously try to derive benefit for ourselves. Unless we see any self-profit, we are unable to make even the slightest movement for the sake of another.

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