Basics of Acupuncture by Dr. med. Gabriel Stux, Prof. Bruce Pomeranz MD, Ph. D

By Dr. med. Gabriel Stux, Prof. Bruce Pomeranz MD, Ph. D (auth.)

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Endeavour 4: 92-96 20a. Chang PL (1988) Urodynamic studies in acupuncture for women with frequency, urgency and dysuria. J Urol 140: 563-566 21. Chapman CR, Benedetti C (1977) Analgesia following TENS and its partial reversal by a narcotic antagonist. Life Sci 21: 1645-1648 22. Chapman CR, Chen AC, Bonica 11 (1977) Effects of intrasegmental electrical acupuncture on dental pain: evaluation by threshold estimation and sensory decision theory. Pain 3: 213-227 23. Chapman CR, Colpitts YM et al (1980) Evoked potential assessment of acupuncture analgesia: attempted reversal with naloxone.

Preliminary results [174] indicate that insertion of acupuncture needles into the skin might also produce a current of injury which has biological influences on the underlying tissues. -LA) promote nerve growth in the leg of an adult rat when applied through acupuncture needles [118, 145, 154]. 4 above) [216]. Perhaps the current of injury caused by needling (and generated by the 20 to 90-mV resting potential across the intact skin) promotes nerve regeneration in these cases. It is important to note that nerves grown in cell cultures will grow branches toward the electrodes in a weak DC electric field [134].

There have been a number of reports that the skin resistance (impedance) over acupuncture points is lower than that of surrounding skin [10,18], but this result has been attributed to pressure artifacts from electrodes [117, 131, 192]. Normally dry skin has a DC resistance in the order of 200000- 2 million ohms. At acupuncture points this is down to 50000 ohms in the studies claiming unique properties of acupoints. These observations have led to the marketing of "point finders", pencil-shaped metal-tipped probes attached by wires to an ohmmeter.

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