Beginners' French: Learn French Language (Classic Reprint) by Victor Emmanuel Francois

By Victor Emmanuel Francois

The previous approach to instructing- smooth languages used to be education simply the attention. the recent tools objective to coach the ear, the tongue and the attention. the writer has attempted to assemble a collection of routines giving to every of those organs a good box of activity.Up-to-date academics are fearful to exploit French of their periods once attainable, yet only a few common books, if any, support them to hold out their loved ambition.It is the purpose of the current quantity to permit such masters, although green they're, to use the conversational technique from the very start.A look through the ebook will suffice to appreciate its association. it's easy and methodical.Rules. - The booklet includes all grammar ideas that first and second-year highschool scholars or first-year students are anticipated to be acquainted with. each lesson starts with a number of basic ideas, the examples coming first for noticeable purposes. It used to be made up our minds to put in writing the principles in English for the benefit desk of Contents creation 7; Pronunciation thirteen; convinced article Plural of nouns ig; sure article (continued) Translation of it whilst a topic '21 Negation Formation of questions current indicative of etre 23 contract, female and plural of adjectives Formation of questions (continued) 26; Comparatives and superlatives Possessive and demonstrative; adjectives 30; Of or from the abnormal plurals 35; analyzing Lesson Sorite 39; Indefinite article a few of any current indicative of avoir 39; Cardinal and ordinal numbers forty four; analyzing Lesson Divisions du temps forty nine; current indicative of the 1st conjugation 50; To or on the Imperfect indicative of the 1st conjugation fifty five; analyzing Lesson most unlikely ri'est pas J'rattftiis fifty eight; current indicative of the second one conjugation fifty eight; Imperfect indicative of the second one conjugation Formation of adverbs sixty two; analyzing Lesson Du pareil au me me sixty six; current and impe

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1 Omit second conjuga- f f BEGINNER FRENCH S 59 107. Indicative present of rougir. je rougis, / blush, I am nous rougissons blushing, / do blush vous rougissez tu rougis il rougit elle ils rougit rougissent elles The endings of rougissent the indicative present of the second con- jugation are: r _is singular j |- plural -is ] -issons -issez -issent I -it 108. Indicative present of rougir (interrogative form) est ce que am je rougis? do I blush rougissons nous I blushing rougis tu? rougissez vous rougit il ?

La tour, the tower. ) Vocabularyla classe, the class, room. sonner, to ring. deposer, to lay down. dessiner, to draw. examiner, to examine. critiquer, to criticise. ecouter, to listen. the class ? BEGINNER 52 91. FRENCH S Text Les cloches sonnent dans les tours des^ecoles. Vous deposez vos chapeaux et vos pardessus 1. 2. sur les tables des^antichambres. Nous dessinons des^animaux 3. et des dans nos cahiers ou des cartes sur bateaux tableaux les des classes. Le maitre examine 4. critique et les travaux des^eleves.

5. Transposition 92. 1. : Replace the plural by the singular and vice versa. I. La cloche sonne... 2. Tu deposes ton... Je 3. un 2. Conjugate sentences 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the present inEx. I Je depose mon Tu deposes ton dicative. Ex. i. (a) Est ce que interrogative forms. Use two 3. les cloches sonnent dans. (b) Les cloches sonnent elles dessine . . : . . . . : . dans . . Questions 93. 1. Qu'est ce qui sonne dans les cloches 2. sonnent. les tours des ecoles? , . Qui depose son chapeau et son pardessus sur la table de Tantichambre ?

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