Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist by Ayya Khema

By Ayya Khema

During this lucid vintage, cherished instructor Ayya Khema introduces the reader to the essence of the Buddhist direction. She addresses the how and why of meditation, offering a transparent framework for figuring out the character of karma and rebirth and the whole thing of the eightfold course. With particular, sensible suggestion Ayya Khema illuminates the practices of compassion and sympathetic pleasure and gives forthright tips in operating with the stumbling blocks that all of us stumble upon in meditation. Few introductory books are either easy and profound. Being no one, Going Nowhere is either.

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It舗s an accepted debating technique to talk first about the advantages of a subject and then turn around and debate its contrary aspects. Any mind can do it. Our minds can slip this way and that. 舡 No! Use the arising of feeling as another way to insight. Feeling is our basis for living. The way we react comes through the contact we make through our senses. We see, we hear, we taste, we smell, we touch, and, of course, we also think. (The Buddha talked about the mind, the thinking process, as the sixth sense.

We go out with clean clothes. We rest our bodies at night. Everyone has a bed. We wouldn舗t be able to stand up to the strain of living if we didn舗t also rest. We have a house where we shelter the body from rain, wind, sun, the heat, and the cold. We wouldn舗t be able to function well otherwise. We feed the body with healthy nourishment, not with anything that we would consider poison. We give it the food we consider good for us, and we exercise it. At least we walk. If we didn舗t, our legs would atrophy and we could no longer use them.

We wouldn舗t be very happy if we didn舗t have a home for this body of ours. We are equally not very happy if we don舗t have a home for the mind. That quiet, peaceful space is the mind舗s home. It can go home and relax just as we do after a day舗s work when we relax the body in an easy chair and at night in a bed. Now the mind, too, can take it easy. It doesn舗t have to think. Thinking is suffering, no matter what it is that we think. There is movement in it, and because of that, there is friction. Everything that moves creates friction.

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