Beyond Snobbery Grammar Need not be Cruel to be Cool by June Casagrande

By June Casagrande

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16. For examples of such challenges to intentionah'ty, see Duranti 1992, 1993; Du Bois 1992; Graham 1993; Hill and Irvine 1992; Morgan 1991; and Stroud 1992. 17. See especially Keenan 1974, Eckert 1989, Ochs 1992, Kulick 1993, and SmithHefner 1988. Eckert and McConnell-Ginet 1992, and Gal 1991 offer particularly useful reviews of this substantial literature. 18. On education, see for example, Heath 1983, Cook-Gumperz 1986, and Collins 1991. Collins 1995 reviews much of the voluminous work on school language and literacy.

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Note that Thompson does not restrict domination to class domination as the classical Marxist tradition did. 5. " 28 INTRODUCTION 6. Lenin and other Marxists who cast ideology as a positive programmatic tool in a struggle for power are exceptions to the association I posit between power-centered and negative views. 7. But note that not all social scientific uses are actually neutral. 8. Most commentators agree that Mannheim ultimately found himself quite trapped in this reflexive vision of ideology.

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