Biblical Foundations of Spirituality; Touching a Finger to by Barbara E. Bowe

By Barbara E. Bowe

Biblical Foundations of Spirituality bargains seekers information on what to learn, how you can learn, and why to learn the Bible as a resource of non secular nourishment. trained by means of the most recent scholarship, this booklet makes the Bible extra intelligible and _user friendly_ for modern audiences through stressing the non secular size of the quest for God obtrusive in our biblical ancestors and exhibiting how the Bible could be a buddy and spouse in our look for God at the present time.

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This community could be set anywhere in the world, and it gathered together ordinary people, like you and me, who wanted simply to share their faith together. As the story goes, it was their custom to assemble in the evening once a month and to invite the members simply to pray in silence together for a time. After a period of silence, anyone in the group was invited to share a comment, a prayer, or a petition. On one 23 24 c%a ChapterTwo particular evening there was a guest in their midst, a great Shakespearean actor.

How come he look just like them, then? She say. And a heap more hair. 13 As Walker’s Shug convincingly attests, the biblical images of God have both formed and deformed our faith and spirituality. For this reason, then, a critical reading of the text, which is attentive to this negative potential, is always essential if the Bible is to be a trustworthy resource for authentic faith. Spirituality and Theology In the classic definition from St. Anselm of Canterbury (d. ies quaerens intellecturn). Theology, therefore, results both from a critical reflection on one’s lived faith experience and from the attempt to articulate this reflection in statements, formulas, and doctrines.

Animal metaphors for God also appear in scripture and show the imaginative creativity of the faith of ancient people. God can be likened to a mother eagle carrying its young on her wings (Deut 32:ll; Ex 19:4). Perhaps this image of the eagle’s wings shaped Jesus’ words as he laments over Jerusalem: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem. . [Hlow often have I desired to gather God beyond All Names 29 your children together as a mother hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you were not willing” (Lk 13:34; Mt 23:37).

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