Biochemical Correlates of Brain Structure and Function by A. N. Davison

By A. N. Davison

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And Ford, D . H . (1973). "Basic Neurology". Elsevier Press, Amsterdam. T a u b , F . and Johnson, T . C. (1975). Biochem J. 151, 173-180. White, J. , Hall, C , L i m , L. and Davison, A. N . (1975). Biochem. Soc. Trans. 3, 94-95. W o n g , P. W . , Fresco, R. and Justice, P. (1972). Metabolism 21, 875-881. Chapter 3 Metabolic Influences on Cell Proliferation in the Brain R . B A L A Z S , A. J. P A T E L A N D * P . D . L E W I S MRC Medical Developmental Research Woodmansterne Neurobiology Council Road, Unit, Laboratories, Carshalton, Surrey, England I.

T h e s e studie s hav e s h o w n a n " i n s i d e - o u t " s e q u e n c e of arriva l of n e u r o n e s in th e cerebra l corte x ( A n g e v i n e an d S i d m a n , 1961). Afte r thei r formatio n in th e germina l z o n e , th e neuroblast s migrat e t h r o u g h th e intermediat e z o n e an d th e cortica l plate , c o m i n g t o res t in a positio n abov e thi s lamina . T h e nex t w a v e of neuroblast s migrate s t h r o u g h th e previousl y deposite d cells. T h u s , in th e rat , n e u r o n e s generate d u p t o da y 16 of gestatio n populat e laye r V I , w h i l e thos e forme d at abou t day s 17, 18 an d 19—21 respectivel y ar e localize d in layer s V, I V an d II—II I (Berr y et al.

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