Biophysical Thermodynamics of Intracellular Processes: by Lev A. Blumenfeld, Alexander N. Tikhonov

By Lev A. Blumenfeld, Alexander N. Tikhonov

The most aim of this publication is to explain in actual phrases the unusual gains of "machines" having molecular dimensions that play the vital position within the most vital organic methods, viz., power transduction and enzyme catalysis. considering those molecular engines paintings with thermal, chemical, and mechanical strength, the best framework to debate them comes from thermodynamics and chemical kinetics. The ebook hence starts with a overview of the thermodynamics and chemical kinetics. It then discusses the thought of molecular machines, and particularly, the issues linked to using thermodynamics to small structures reminiscent of enzymes. The authors then flip to enzyme catalysis, discussing theoretical and experimental investigations of protein dynamics. The concluding bankruptcy offers with power transduction in organic membranes, concentrating on ATP synthesis.

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For example, if d~ ~ -30 kJ/mole (standard affinity for the reaction of ATP synthesis from ADP and P;), then K2 ~ 6 * 10- 6 , and consequently '1 « 1. This result illustrates why the mechanism of indirect coupling of the two chemical reactions having a common intermediate cannot be efficient. Actually, according to the abovementioned example, in order to form one molecule C we need to add more than 106 molecules B. 40)? In the case of many important biochemical reactions the role of component B might serve, for 28 2.

The ability of certain ATPase molecules to catalyze the ATP hydrolysis does not immediately depend on the states of similar enzyme molecules and low-molecular components (substrates, products, and ligands) located in other compartments or other cells. This situation may be of special importance in the case of heterogeneous popUlations of vesicles within one and the same organelle (for instance, thylakoids of grana and stroma in chloroplasts, see Chapter 5 for more details). 1. The Second Law of Thermodynamics 43 within a large statistical ensemble of such macromolecular units.

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