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A number of groups, particularly those working around questions of energy and of health are beginning to do this . But it is critical that union strategies and more broadly based economic strategies also begin to confront these questions . 34 Appendix : Chips, Satellites, Bugs, Spare Parts, Windmills and Nodules These are the areas of scientific research and technological development receiving high priority world-wide : 16 `Chips' Microelectronics and associated technologies - this includes the development of the silicon chip itself (increasing its power, simplifying the programming of it to reduce the high costs of software) and its application to a huge variety of consumer products, particularly electronic ones like TV accessories and home computers .

The natural conflict in any capitalist society is between the native bourgeoisie and proletariat . The development of such a conflict in the North of Ireland has been distorted by the operation of British Imperialism, which has sought to divide the working class and the country, so as to further the ends of the British ruling class, thus it is argued that it is the constant presence of Britain which, `keeps the sterile quarrel of Orange and Green alive' . . xx) According to these writers the Northern Ireland `state' was an artificial creation N .

There are many well known books and reports on developments in `chips', in information technology and in energy technologies . al, Biotechnology (HMSO, 1980) . 37 Lysiane Cartelier Translated by Tony Millwood The state and wage labour This paper is a critical analysis of the concept of the State under capitalism . In part I existing Marxist theories of the state are criticised for their functionalism in separating different instances such as economics and politics . In part II an alternative view of the State as constituting the wage relation is suggested .

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