Carboranes by Russell N. Grimes

By Russell N. Grimes

Carboranes, 3rd Edition, by way of Russell Grimes, is the definitive source at the topic. thoroughly up to date with a wealth of study and overview articles released during this energetic box because the past quantity was once published in 2011, the booklet presents a readable and concise creation to the fundamental rules underlying the synthesis, constructions, and reactions of carboranes, heterocarboranes, and metallacarboranes. Following the dear foundational details, the ebook explores the advances in functional purposes for the numerous components within which specialists have chanced on that carboranes manage to pay for new percentages for fixing difficulties and advancing the technology. those disciplines comprise polymer technology, catalysis, biomedicine, nanomaterials, and others.

  • Includes over 2,000 molecular constitution drawings during the text
  • Features extended insurance on functions of carboranes, fairly in biomedicine and nanomaterials, given the expansion of study in those areas
  • Presents prolonged and up-to-date tables, directory hundreds of thousands of compounds with key literature references, supplied on-line through the book’s website
  • Explores the advances in useful functions for the numerous parts within which specialists have came across that carboranes come up with the money for new chances for fixing difficulties and advancing the science

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As with the larger wV/ö-carboranes such as C 2 B 9 H 13 (Chapter 9), C 2 B 4 H 8 is attacked by hydride ion to remove one of the two hydrogen bridges and form the 2,3C2B4H7~ anion; excess hydride fails to remove the remaining bridge proton. Subsequent treatment of the anion with HC1 or DC1 yields the original C2B4H8 + NaH digLym % Na+C2B4H7~ + H2 -5EU C2B4H7D carborane or its bridge-deuterated derivative (224). Deuterium exchange on 2,3-C2B4H8 is effected at B(4), B(5), and B(6) by B 2 D 6 at 100°, both bridge protons being unaffected (224); in diglyme at 25° the exchange with B 2 D 6 occurs only at B(4) and B(6) (291).

Oxidation with 0 2 or H 2 0 2 occurs very slowly at 20° (77). Since this carborane cage system apparently incorporates a planar C4B ring with no hydrogen bridges, it seems likely to form 7r-bonded metallocene analogs by direct reaction with appropriate transition metal reagents. No such species have been reported at this writing. * Formal removal of an apical BH 2+ unit (in the manner of Lipscomb's ring-polar separation (Section 2-3)) from C 3 B 3 H 6 ~ generates the hypothetical planar species C 3 B 2 H5 _ , which is isoelectronic with C 5 H 5 ".

Other cfoyo-carborane products are believed from mass spectroscopic analysis to be formed in the pyrolysis of several alkylboranes and alkyldiboranes (185), but these compounds have not been characterized. The pyrolysis of l-methylpentaborane(9), CH3B5H8, at 590° in a fast flow system (228), and the reaction of the same compound in an electric discharge (223), yield the novel monocarbahexaborane CB5H7 (see below). Pyrolysis of l-ethylpentaborane(9) at 520° produces a CH3CB5H6 and other small carboranes (228).

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