Casti Guidebook to Asme Section IX: Welding Qualifications by Michael J. Hook

By Michael J. Hook

This newly up to date (1999) CASTI guidebook is full of useful examples, used to give an explanation for ASME IX code ideas in order that code clients can stroll their method via welding approach qualification necessities. It additionally comprises the finer info of welding technique requirements to supply readability, even to the skilled code consumer. This guidebook is going a long way past the literary phrases of the code by means of explaining particular code paragraphs and comparable ASME code interpretations, the place even a detailed research of the code by itself would possibly not produce a transparent end. it's written via the longest serving ASME part IX code committee member.

This Guidebook covers the 1998 variation of ASME IX.

The guidebook comes in print and as an Acrobat PDF book on CD-ROM that's absolutely searchable, hypertext associated, with each one web page printable.

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7 The revision or amendment should be certified or authorized as detailed in 2 . 1, WPS # 134, listed the revision level at the top in the company identification block). 1(b) requires the WPS to reference its supporting PQRs. The supporting PQRs are normally noted in this identification block. ) Note: It may take more than one PQR to support all the essential variable ranges specified in a WPS. 1), but is noted as an essential variable in QW-401. 1, WPS # 134, as the first variable listed. 25 is a nonessential variable “type of process”, that must be described on the WPS.

2. 11 Retainers. 1 ... 4 - Backing ... 10 ... 11 ... 9 t pass > ½ in. 11 E φ P-No. 13 E φ P-No. 6 ... 33 ... 1 + Position ... 3 ... 2 ... 4 ... 8 ... 1 ... 5 ... 6 ... 25 ... 26 ... ± Peening CASTI Guidebook to ASME Section IX - Welding Qualifications - Third Edition Nonessential NE NE NE NE ... ... ... ... NE ... NE NE NE ... NE ... 1, φ Groove Design. Do not attempt to comprehend the details of a variable from the description noted in the “Brief of Variables” column. ” Errors are made when the Code user implements a variable based upon the “Brief of Variables” description.

These fillet-welded PQR tests do not verify the mechanical properties of a fillet weld, but rather, the soundness of the fillet weld metal. Therefore, qualification using a fillet-welded PQR test coupon does not qualify for groove-welded applications. Further, qualification using a fillet-welded PQR test coupon does not qualify for pressure retaining fillet-weld applications. The Section IX does not define nonpressure retaining. The scope and definition of nonpressure retaining must come from the code of construction.

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