Chaos, Complexity and Leadership 2013 by Şefika Şule Erçetin, Santo Banerjee

By Şefika Şule Erçetin, Santo Banerjee

These lawsuits from the 2013 symposium on "Chaos, complexity and management" replicate present examine effects from all branches of Chaos, complicated structures and their functions in administration. incorporated are the various leads to the fields of utilized nonlinear tools, modeling of information and simulations, in addition to theoretical achievements of Chaos and intricate platforms. additionally highlighted are management and administration purposes of Chaos and Complexity Theory.

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The example of an office seemingly disorganized may suffice here in that the owner understands the way things are positioned that way; if you try to put them in order, he may not be able to know where something is. This implies that there is order in disorderliness. Fractal systems depict a disorganized form when many sub-systems seem to emerge and confuse the structure or organizational set-up (especially as the emerging patterns are always small in size). But when looked at critically you find that a lot of organized structures and sequences are actually housed in the fractal systems and these can be used to better the processes within the organization (especially coordination and interaction).

Actually, Davutoğlu was not so optimistic about Assad’s promises. In other words, failure of making reforms was not a surprise for Turkey. However, Erdoğan as a close friend of Bassar al-Assad, announced that he would talk with Assad and counseled him on implementation of social, economic, and political reforms, while offering Turkish help to achieve the changes. “Erdoğan hoped that his close friendship could be effective in the regional change” (Taşpınar 2012). Once more, Turkey believed that Turkey’s historical and geographical position and proactive policies in the last years were enough to play a central state role in the Syrian crisis and region.

The case of Syria is perhaps the most difficult one for Turkey, given the considerable investment of the AK Party government in building good relations with Bashar al-Assad over the past decade” (Dalacaura 2012). Historical and political ties of Turkey with Syria make it unique and different for Turkey. com/yazarlar/prof-dr-huseyin-bagci/ suriyeye-mudahale-kararinda-akil-mi-vicdanmi-daha-agir-basiyor/61/). So, Turkey’s attitude was mainly shaped by these three national interests in Syria. “The Turkish government wanted to prevent an environment that would lead to the dissolution of the Syrian state that would trigger ethnic and sectarian conflict and its spillover effects to Turkey” (Ayman 2013).

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