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Back titration can be used to determine the percentage by mass of one substance in an impure mixture. For example a sample of calcium hydroxide, a base, containing nonbasic impurities can be reacted with excess hydrochloric acid. The excess amount of hydrochloric acid can then be determined by titrating with aqueous sodium hydroxide of known concentration. If the total amount of acid is known and the excess determined, the difference gives the amount that reacted with calcium hydroxide. Thus the mass of calcium hydroxide and its percentage in the mixture can be calculated by ‘back titration’.

63 mol dm–3. 24. A complex titration calculation to find the concentration of a reactant. 0 cm3 of household bleach (active ingredient ClO–) is diluted to a total volume of 250 cm3. 0206 sodium thiosulfate. 3 cm3 has been added. e. mass of NaClO in 100 cm3). 32%. 25. Diluting an acid. 63 mol dm‑3. What volume of this must be diluted? 25 dm3) Therefore: first use n = cfinal × Vfinal to find the amount required then V​starting​= _____ ​ ​c​ n ​​ starting to calculate the volume of the acid required.

003727 moles of HCl react with the NaOH added. Ca(OH)2 (s) + 2HCl (aq) Aspirin is a sparingly soluble monobasic acid. 0 mol dm–3 aqueous sodium hydroxide. 20 mol dm–3 hydrochloric acid and 25 cm3 were needed to neutralise the excess alkali. 2 CORE Example MCl MCl2 MCl3 Which do you consider to be the more likely value? Why? 34% The same technique can be used to determine the percentage of calcium carbonate (a base) in egg shell or a sample of impure limestone. indd 33 6/12/2007 10:35:36 AM Chapter 1 Appendix CORE 1A Scientific Notation Scientific notation is a method of expressing large or small numbers as factors of the powers of 10.

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