Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple (1st Edition) by Stephen Goldberg

By Stephen Goldberg

A systemic method of medical anatomy with a excessive picture-to-text ratio. studying happens via conceptual diagrams, ridiculous institutions, and a powerful specialise in medical relevance. first-class Board overview.

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Thus, external hemorrhoids, which lie below the pectinate line, frequently hurt or itch, whereas internal hemorrhoids, which lie above the pectinate line, do not. The autonomic nervous system innervates the area above the pectinate line (hence, minimal pain sensation), whereas the somatic nervous system innervates below. (12) lower transverse rectal fold. In ascending through the rectum, as with a sigmoidoscope, three folds in the wall of the rectum are encountered, a lower transverse fold (illustrated) on the right, a middle fold on the left, and then an upper transverse fold on the right.

3-15. The permanent teeth of the upper jaw. Shaded teeth do not have preceding milk teeth. The 8 permanent teeth follow 5 temporary (milk, deciduous) teeth. Thus, the 3 permanent molars arise one time only and do not replace any milk teeth. The 5 milk teeth are: 2 incisors 1 canine 2 molars Note that the 2 deciduous "molars" are pushed out by permanent premolars and not by permanent molars. anine ~\--- 1st premolar 2nd premolar 1st molar 2nd molar 3rd molar Figure 3-15 CHAPTER 8. SKELETAL LIGAMENTS.

3. Leg muscles that flex or extend the toes. 4. Intrinsic muscles of the foot GASTROCNEMIUS Fig. 4-51. g. standing on tiptoe). 1i'8tl PERONEUS LONGUS PERONEUS BREVIS Ii''ii' Figure 4-52 51 ~. , PLANTARIS tl PERONEUS TERTIUS DORSIFLEX TIBIALIS ANT. 4. THE MUSCULAR SYSTEM al, the longer muscles are more superficial. Thus, the most superficial grouping contains flexor digitorom brevis, abductor hallucis and abductor digiti minimi, which stretch from the calcaneus to the phalanges. The plantar interossei lie the deepest.

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