Coal and Oil (Energy and the Environment) by John Tabak

By John Tabak

Coal and oil are of the world's most vital assets of fundamental strength. A multi-trillion greenback infrastructure has been created to find, produce, shipping, approach, and burn coal and oil. This infrastructure has made smooth lifestyles attainable. This e-book describes the historical past of those resources of power.

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Q: How was it different? A: Actually, the areas that we traveled in—there was more space than I thought there would be anyplace in the mine. Q: Overhead space? A: Overhead space and even the width of the mine. There was more overhead space, and I expected everything to be black and dreary. I had heard about rock dusting before. We had a couple of friends a few years ago that did rock dusting— Q: I’m sorry Ma’am. What is rock dusting? A: Rock dusting—I don’t know exactly what type of a powder you would call it, but it’s real bright.

Mountain ranges have formed as the tectonic plates that comprise Earth’s surface have crashed slowly into one another. Erosion has worn ancient mountains flat, and new ones have formed to take their place. As a consequence, seams of coal may tilt up or down; they may bend or abruptly come to an end only to begin again nearby. All of this geologic upheaval makes the process of mining coal more challenging. S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Two-thirds of this is located in just four countries: the United States (27 percent), Russia (17 percent), China (13 percent), and India (10 percent).

Accidental injuries are also a significant source of mortality. During the 20th century, the most coal miners to have died in a single year in the United States as a result of traumatic injury occurred in 1907 when 3,242 miners died. ) Until 1930, it was more the rule than the exception that in excess of 2,000 miners died per year in mining accidents. Since 1947, the number of fatal accidents has trended downwards. S. coal miners died in accidents in a single year. Today far fewer (continued on page 46) 40 COAL AND OIL An Interview with Charlene Marshall on the Human Costs of Coal C harlene Marshall is a lifelong resident of Monongalia, West Virginia, and is a graduate of the segregation-era public school system.

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