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Or, putting it in the terms explained in the preceding section, how can we produce a ‘thick description’ of Dionysius’ Classicism? It is to this question that I will turn in the following section. 3 A Cultural Identity Approach to Dionysius’ Classicism Clifford Geertz’s notion of culture as a ‘web of significance’ and his conception of ‘thick description’ provide a helpful general framework in which to approach a foreign culture. But Geertz’s discussion is too abstract to provide an efficient heuristic tool for investigating concrete cultural phenomena.

94 Rather, it is more appropriate to conceive of it as employing anthropological and sociological approaches to write a chapter of intellectual history. ’95 This is an accurate description of the purpose of this enquiry: to reconstitute the outlook on the world and the conception of identity of a Greek intellectual (and, potentially, his recipients) in one of the most crucial and most influential periods of ancient history and, probably, of the development of Western civilization at large, the reign of Augustus.

Another common type of world consists of the networks of interrelated voluntary associations – the world of medicine, the world of organized labor, the world of steel industry, or the world of opera. […] Finally, there are the loosely connected universes of special interest – the world of sports, the world of the stamp collector, or the world of women’s fashion. Since the participants are drawn together only periodically by the limited interest they have in common, there are varying degrees of involvement, ranging from the fanatically dedicated to the casually interested.

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