Conservation (Environmental Issues) by Yael Calhoun, David Seideman

By Yael Calhoun, David Seideman

The flow to preserve usual assets is an incredible factor for environmentalists this present day. Many common assets - from fossil fuels to undeveloped lands - exist in finite provides. the one method to make sure that they're going to nonetheless be on hand for destiny use is to guard them and to recycle as frequently as attainable.

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As the 20th century drew to a close, it was clear that environmentalism had wrought profound changes in American life—to its landscape, its institutions, and its people. Since that first Earth Day, well more than one hundred pieces of major federal legislation affecting the environment had become law. Every state and most major cities had some kind of environmental protection agency. Wary politicians and battle-scarred corporations grudgingly conceded that the environmental movement was here to stay and was a potent force to be reckoned with.

Many populate the environmental ends of Earth, in places that seem uninhabitable to gigantic, fragile animals like ourselves. They constitute, to take a second example, the “gardens” of the Antarctic sea ice. The thick floes, which blanket millions of square miles of ocean water around the continent much of the year, seem forbiddingly hostile to life. But they are riddled with channels of slushy Does It Matter if Plants and Animals Go Extinct? brine in which single-celled algae flourish year-round, assimilating the carbon dioxide, phosphates, and other nutrients that work up from the ocean below.

In the 1990s alone Russell Mittermeier and his colleagues managed to add 9 new species to the 275 previously known. Mittermeier, whose searches take him to tropical forests around the world, estimates that at least another hundred species of primates await discovery. New land mammals of large size are a rarity, but even a few of them continue to turn up. Perhaps the most surprising find in recent memory was the discovery during the mid1990s of not one but four big animals in the Annamite Mountains between Vietnam and Laos.

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