Control of Singular Systems with Random Abrupt Changes by El-Kébir Boukas

By El-Kébir Boukas

This e-book offers with the category of singular structures with random abrupt adjustments often referred to as singular Markovian bounce platforms. Many difficulties like stochastic balance, stochastic stabilization utilizing country suggestions keep watch over and static output regulate, Hinfinity keep an eye on, filtering, assured fee keep watch over and combined H2/Hinfinity keep an eye on and their robustness are tackled. keep watch over of singular platforms with abrupt adjustments examines either the theoretical and sensible points of the regulate difficulties handled within the quantity from the attitude of the structural houses of linear systems.

The concept awarded within the diverse chapters of the quantity are utilized to examples to teach the usefulness of the theoretical effects. regulate of singular platforms with abrupt adjustments is a superb textbook for graduate scholars in powerful regulate concept and as a reference for tutorial researchers up to the mark or arithmetic with curiosity up to the mark thought. The reader must have accomplished first-year graduate classes in likelihood, linear algebra, and linear structures. it's going to even be of serious price to engineers training in fields the place the platforms will be modeled through singular structures with random abrupt changes.

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4) k=1 where κ is a positive given integer, 0 ≤ αk ≤ 1, with transition matrix and its expression is given by: ⎡ k ⎢⎢⎢ λ11 ⎢⎢ Λk = ⎢⎢⎢⎢ ... ⎢⎣ λkN1 ⎤ · · · λk1N ⎥⎥ ⎥ . .. ⎥⎥⎥⎥ , . 5) where λkij keeps the same meaning as before. 4) are referred to as admissible. 2), is supposed to depend on the system’s mode, rt . 2 Design of State Feedback Stabilization 51 behavior of the time-invariant dynamical systems as it is the normal practice. 1) can be transformed easily to the class of Markov jump linear systems and the results developed in the literature (see Mariton [95], Boukas and Liu [27], Boukas [14] and the references therein), can be used to check the stochastic stability, of this class of systems.

2 Stability of Singular Systems 27 Let L be the weak infinitesimal operator of the random process {(x(t), rt ), t ≥ 0}. Then, if at time t, x(t) = x and rt = i, i ∈ S , the infinitesimal operator emanating from the point (x, i) at time t is given by: 1 L V(x(t), i) = lim E [V(x(t + h), rt+h ) − V(x, i)|x(t) = x , rt = i] h→0 h = x˙ (t)E (i)P(i)x(t) + x (t)E (i)P(i) x˙(t) N + λi j x (t)E ( j)P( j)x(t) . j=1 Using the fact that E (i)P(i) = P (i)E(i) ≥ 0, we get: ⎡ ⎤ N ⎢⎢⎢ ⎥⎥⎥ ⎢ L V(x(t), i) = x (t) ⎢⎢⎣A (i)P(i) + P (i)A(i) + λi j E ( j)P( j)⎥⎥⎥⎦ x(t) , j=1 which can be rewritten as follows: L V(x(t), i) = x (t)Ψ(i)x(t) , where Ψ(i) = P (i)A(i) + A (i)P(i) + Thus, N j=1 λi j E ( j)P( j) .

3 State Feedback Stabilization The stabilization problem is one of the most important control problem. It consists of designing a controller which guarantees that the closed-loop state equation will be stable and has some desired specifications. This problem has attracted a lot of researchers and many results have been reported in the literature either for the deterministic systems and the stochastic ones. For more details on this subject, we refer the reader to [27] for the deterministic systems and to [27, 14] for the stochastic ones.

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