Cosmos and Transcendence: Breaking Through the Barrier of by Wolfgang Smith

By Wolfgang Smith

Within the current paintings, Wolfgang Smith offers an insider's critique of the medical world-view established upon the pointy yet usually neglected contrast among medical fact and scientistic religion. With attractiveness and readability he demonstrates that significant tenets promulgated within the identify of technology aren't in truth medical truths yet particularly scientistic speculations - for which there's no facts in any respect. step-by-step the reader is resulted in the marvelous awareness that the particularly 'modern' international is predicated intellectually upon not anything extra great than a syndrome of Promethean myths. yet this can be in basic terms half what the publication accomplishes. Its basic contribution is to get well and reaffirm the deep metaphysical and spiritual insights that experience come right down to us in the course of the teachings of Christianity. And herein lies the real worthy of this amazing treatise: having damaged the grip of scientistic presuppositions, the writer succeeds admirably in bringing to view nice truths that had lengthy been obscured.

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ON THE WHOLE, the later philosophical development (which we have sketched) has had little direct impact upon the scientific mentality of our time. Despite the breakdown of classical physics, the Newtonian metaphysics is still in force, and so is the Newtonian positivism. Now as before, it can be said that men of science have learned their philosophy from the Principia. They have learned it so well, in fact, that these modes of thought have become ingrained to the point of conferring upon the Newtonian philosophical premises a status of self-evidence (which is no doubt the reason why 'any doctrine which does not implicitly presuppose this point of view is assailed as unintelligible').

At one stroke, the objective world has become an unknown entity, to be somehow unveiled through the cogitations JO COSMOS AND TRANSCENDENCE of the philosopher, or through the scientific inquiries of the physicist. But this possibility itself becomes dubious. The more carefully one investigates, the more it appears that the gulf between the external realm and its subjective representations is in fact impassable. It was not without reason, therefore, that Bishop Berkeley denied the existence of the external world.

Moses is tending his flock on the slopes of Horeb when suddenly, from the midst of a burning bush, he hears the voice of God. He reverentially approaches the site, and God speaks to him. And then Moses asks a remarkable question: he asks, in effect, what is the nature, characteristic or 'name' of God? And straightway the answer is given: Eheieh asher eheieh-Hebrew words, which the Vulgate renders as ego sum qui sum. Here is the full verse in English: And God said unto Moses, I AM WHO AM: and He said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.

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