Creer y pensar by Ortega y Gasset Jose

By Ortega y Gasset Jose

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In their desperate need to feel safe and loved again, they cling to each other. The illusion falls upon them that perhaps they, themselves, are the God they long for. How soon they can become weak, sick, and starved as a result of this illusion. It may even lead to death. If lost kittens cry out, their mother will come and carry them to their home nest again. If My little ones would cry out to Me, I would do the same. Sometimes kittens get so lost in their fascination with the world and with the joy of play that they again lose sight of safety.

I can bring an abundance from them that you have never dreamed possible. And each one that is placed in My hand shall be an eternal reality that will live forever. Too many heartbeats have passed by without notice. Too many have been possessed by empty leisure. Too many have been given to My enemy for his accumulation and accounting. Begin anew! Begin now to give each heartbeat to Me. I shall keep them well, and I shall return to you their collection as a glorious, eternal inheritance. —3 6— GIFTED DUCKS Behold the ducks, little one.

It is like an open belly that is waiting to be filled with nectar. An unused, empty goblet is frustrated by its emptiness, while a full one, as it touches one’s lips, is fulfilled. Do you see this; do you understand this comparison? How I want My children to be filled with new wine and with living water. I delight to see them spilling over. I delight to see them delivering their gifts to the spiritually parched and dying. My hand lifts them up like goblets which I’ve designed for My purposes for I own each goblet, and each is engraved with My name and polished by My hand.

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