Critical Torsional Oscillations of a Rotating Accerated by Biot M.

By Biot M.

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Especially for OST, where D2 Fortunately, the situation was saved by the SSKT performance, which was at expected levels. It was even slightly better than expected for semileptonic modes. But SSKT was difficult to understand and took time to incorporate into the analysis. Of critical importance is the combined PID of a special TOF, together with d E/d x. Though the discrimination power is not spectacular, but since the K + /K − from b quark fragmentation used to tag the Bs0 / B¯ s0 is relatively slow, both TOF and d E/d x gave the critical 1σ or slightly better discrimination.

It also indicates how the CDF result is slightly on the low side. But, of course, the errors from the unitarity fits were very forgiving to make this point somewhat mute. We will discuss the experimental measurement in the following section. CPV in Bs mixing is controlled by the phase of Vts in SM. 1). 37 rad. 1 for a discussion on phase of Vts in the Wolfenstein parameterization of VCKM to order λ5 . 1 Bs Mixing Measurement 37 ∗ ∗ Vud V ub ∗ Vcs V cb Vus V ub ∗ –Vcd V cb ∗ Vts V tb Fig. 4), the latter being the long, squashed triangle.

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