Cromwell & Centaur by Ian Carter

By Ian Carter

Cromwell & Centaur is written via Ian Carter and released by means of Oliver Publishing crew. The ebook is an illustrated historical past of the British mainstays through the latter 1/2 the battle. It comes with observation, black and white photos and colour plates.

The e-book is new and unread.

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8th Hussars' tanks advance past German refugees near Bremen, 12 April 1945. The Cromwell is named ABBOTS PRIDE II, and appears to be a Mk V with Vauxhall hatch. A disruptive camouflage can be seen on the turret, whereas the front hull is obscured by a layer of dried mud and dust. A Challenger can be seen following behind. IWM HU 66494. Command tanks of 22nd Armoured Brigade in the German village of Syke, south of Bremen, 12 April 1945. The Cromwell Mk IV on the right, T187617, is that of the brigade commander, Brigadier A D R Wingfield, DSO, MC.

Of note is the troop number painted inside the C Squadron sign carried on the turret stowage box. Below and right: Cromwell Mk VIs, C Squadron, 1st RTR. Germany, May 1945. Both tanks are shown here in a disruptive camouflage scheme of SCC 14 Black on the SCC 15 base coat. The WD number shown as T120542 is not visible in the photograph on which our illustration is based but was allocated to a 95mm armed Cromwell. These tanks can be seen on page 30. At left: The Stag’s Head formation badge of 22nd Armoured Brigade combined with the AOS sign for the brigade’s second senior regiment, in this case 1st RTR.

Red over blue square; (B) 1st Battery; (C) 2nd Battery; (D) 3rd Battery; (E) 4th battery; (F) Regimental CO; (G) Battery Commander, 1st battery; (H) Troop Commander, A Troop, 1st Battery; (I) Troop Commander, E Troop, 3rd Battery; (J) In addition to the official system of tactical signs the batteries of 3rd Royal Horse Artillery - D, J and M - displayed their identifying letters in gothic script as shown here. ARMOURED RECONNAISSANCE REGIMENT JUNE 1944 HEADQUARTERS SQUADRON REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS A SQUADRON B SQUADRON C SQUADRON 2 x Car, 1 x 15 cwt truck ADMIN TROOP AA TROOP SIGNALS 6 x Motorcycle, 1 x Carrier, 1 x Jeep, 8 x 15 cwt truck, 10 x 3 ton truck, 2 x half-track 12 x Scout Car LINK TROOP 7 x Scout Car 3 x 15 cwt truck 1 x 3 ton truck 2 x Cromwell, 2 x 95mm CS 1 x Car, 2 x half-track, 1 x 15 cwt truck, 12 x 3 ton truck 1 x Scout Car, 1 x Carrier, 1 x ARV, 1 x Water trailer 5 x AA tank RECCE TROOP SQUADRON HQ 1 TROOP REME LIGHT AID DETACHMENT 2 TROOP 3 x 15 cwt truck, 2 x 3 ton truck, 1x Half-track, 2 x Recovery 6x4 33 3 TROOP 4 TROOP 5 TROOP A C B Above : RMASG Centaur markings.

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