Customer Sense: How the 5 Senses Influence Buying Behavior by Aradhna Krishna

By Aradhna Krishna

An insightful examine how contact, flavor, odor, sound, and visual appeal impression how shoppers relate to items on a sensory point, and the way small sensory adjustments could make a huge effect. shopper experience describes how managers can use this data to enhance packaging, branding, and ads to captivate the consumer's senses.

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When a holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day was chosen, people with a Western background picked green with greater frequency than did those of a Chinese background. When a holiday such as Chinese New Year was chosen, people of a Chinese background chose red with greater frequency than did those of a Western background (red is traditionally associated with the Chinese New Year and is held to be lucky during that time period as well). What this suggests is that cultural norms can influence people’ s color preferences when the norms are associated with a specific event, but, when they are not, the differences in preferences become far less pronounced.

When those expectations are not met, people will adjust their perception of the relative quantity they have consumed accordingly. This has far-reaching applications in the restaurant business and in the retail industry in general—in fact, wherever expectations of certain quantities can be established and then met (or not met). THE USES OF HUES One of the most prominent aspects of any visual sensation is color. As discussed in the opening section, a color in and of itself can act as a sensory signature, as with pink and the breast cancer movement or as with Tiffany Blue.

Two of the most recognizable commercial patterns that form sensory signatures are used in the fashion industry. The first belongs to Burberry. The Burberry checkered pattern consists of three vertical and three horizontal stripes that form nine darker squares at their intersection points. Burberry trademarked its pattern to help prevent forgeries and knockoffs from trying to infringe upon its market share. The trademark was held up in court as legitimate and differentiable from other plaid or checkered products made by VISION 39 other companies.

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