Daily Handwriting Practice, Traditional Cursive by Jill Norris, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

By Jill Norris, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Integrated into the writing workouts in day-by-day Handwriting perform, conventional Cursive, are many different easy parts of studying vital to constructing minds. for instance, at the subject, "What is work," scholars find out about basic instruments and the physics utilized in utilizing them. scholars write letters, phrases, and sentences a few number of content material quarter subject matters applicable for the school room. Monday via Thursday, the weekly topics for writing workouts variety from well-known inventors to recognized quotations, awesome hunters to the water cycle. On Friday, a full-page workout attracts the subject to a detailed by way of reviewing what used to be discovered past that week. This publication is an invaluable and powerful educating device simply because: every one letter is brought and practiced prior to scholars are requested to exploit it. Curriculum subject matters addressed contain: the alphabet,unusual animals,math, capital letter,owls as hunters,rhyming phrases, months of the year,whales,rivers of the area, days of the week,the water cycle,world alphabets, geography facts,synonyms,nonsense rhymes, the seven continents,color words,alliteration bugs, weather,beavers,U.S. presidents,simple machines,famous quotations ,unusual crops local American tribe,math ,rhyming phrases, activities round the world,Kenya,prefixes and suffixes, sweet round the world,games world wide abilities strengthened that support continue handwriting legible contain: right letter formation, letter placement, spacing among letters, and spacing among phrases. whilst scholars entire this booklet, they are going to remove a self-made studying device, as the ultimate 4 weeks of perform gather into an Alphabet ebook approximately bugs. attractive line paintings illustrations spotlight a number of routines. All 112 pages are reproducible for school room use and perforated for simple elimination. $14.95 each one.

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Name: 13 13 39 EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. Prefixes & Suffixes EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. ” Name: Prefixes & Suffixes lš Wednesday oþÑ]š hѯÚÛÊÒ qʊ˄ŒÒš w®®£ÚÐ b¨ËÑþÑ]š Pu• a sÊÛۊ˙ a• tÝÚ eЅ o¥ a w®±…. fÊÒ eÐ Name: 13 13 40 EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. Copy each word. Write its meaning. Friday Name: dŠË„ÑùÐڄ•Ú… hѯÚÛÊÒ pÕڟ¨Ëژ qʊ˄ŒÒš rÚÑ±Ü‚ÐŠË›Ú dŠËÕڄ•Ñ± mŠËÂÓՊËЕ ful .............................. means “full of” ly ......... means “in a _____ manner” or and er ......

Means “not” pre .............................. means “before” mis ................................ means “wrong” Prefixes 13 41 sÓÑ®ù bÎÒÒÑ®ù Monday nÑ®ù mÑ®ù YÑ´ sÚ҅Ñò sÚÚ tÝÚ mÑ®ù a• nÑ®ù. EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. Rhyming Words 42 EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. Rhyming Words It w®´Ò… b¤ h‚Õ… tÑ hÊÜ a sÒÊÜ. b´Ü sÒÊÜ Tuesday rÊÜ hÊÜ He iË a sÐÊÜ a a b´Ü iËÐ a rÊÜ. Name: Trš tÑ pѯ a bÎÒÒÑ®ù w¨Ë•Ý a sÓÑ®ù. Name: 14 14 dՊËЌ w¨ËЌ Wednesday t݊ËЌ sÝՊËЌ C‚Ð yÑ´ dՊËЌ w§ŠËÒÚ yÑ´ w¨ËЌ?

Name: 11 11 Native American Tribes N‚ŸÎjÑ Wednesday PiË¿‚ ZÊÐŠË ThÚÂÚ tՊ˃¤Â w¤ÕÚ f‚Õ¿ÚÕ aЅ aՕŠË•Â. EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. 34 EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. Thښ hÚ҅ p‚Õ•ŠËÚ c‚ÒÒڅ pѳ҂•„ÝÚÂ. Native American Tribes K˜ÎŒŠËÊ•Ò Thursday NÑ®³Œ‚ ThÚÂÚ tՊ˃¤Â b´ŠËҕ p҂Ќ hÑòÚÂ. Name: Thښ m‚…Ú rÊÜÂ, pѳ•Ú՚, aЅ jژ¤Ò՚. Name: 11 11 EMC 791 • ©2000 by Evan-Moor Corp. Copy the paragraph. Friday Name: Native Americans Yesterday and Today SeŸ¤Õ‚Ò mŠËÒҊËÑù pÚѯÒÚ lŠËŸ¤… iËÐ Nѱ•Ý A¿ÚՊ˄‚ b¤ÛÑ±Ú EÊÕѯڂРaÕՊ˟¤….

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