Death: A Philosophical Inquiry by Paul Fairfield

By Paul Fairfield

From Nietzsche's pronouncement that "God is dead" to Camus' argument that suicide is the basic query of philosophy, the concept that of loss of life performs an immense position in existential phenomenology, attaining from Kierkegaard to Heidegger and Marcel.

This ebook explores the phenomenology of dying and gives a different means into the phenomenological culture. Paul Fairfield examines the next key topics:

the smooth denial of dying Heidegger's vital thought of 'being-toward-death' and its centrality in phenomenological principles, resembling authenticity and lifestyles the philosophical importance of demise rituals: what explains the valuable towards ritual round loss of life, and what's its objective and which means? loss of life in an age of secularism the philosophy and ethics of suicide demise as a secret instead of a philosophical challenge to be solved the connection among wish and death.

Death: A Philosophical Inquiry is key analyzing for college kids of phenomenology and existentialism, and also will be of curiosity to scholars in similar fields equivalent to faith, anthropology and the clinical humanities.

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