Death at the Parasite Cafe: Social Science (Fictions) and by Stephen Pfohl

By Stephen Pfohl

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The Epigraphy of Death: Studies in the History and Society of Greece and Rome

Tombstones give you the greatest unmarried type of epigraphical proof from the traditional global. despite the fact that, epigraphy – the research of inscriptions – is still, for plenty of scholars of background and archaeology, an abstruse topic. by way of marrying epigraphy and dying, the participants to this assortment desire to inspire a much broader viewers to think about the significance of inscribed tombstones.

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It is the Black Madonna Durkheim and I know it in an instant. Mama Dada Mama Dada Dada Mama Dada. I flash dead pan(icked) to black and she says, "If you want, I'll be your host. Pack up your possessions and let's dance. " Don't ask me to explain what I take to be the Black Madonna's desires for me to accompany her on the ADVENTure I'm describing. 3 And yet when she spoke of her own contradictory longings she made herself partially reflexive in relation to me 44 STUPID FRESH JACK DOUBLE DENSITY and others.

These questions haunt this text. Sometimes I feellike I'm repeating myself? 2. UNTITLED Panie is the name and frenzy is the game that spin controls one back to the same old new white man's reign. Snap. Crack(le). Pop. In-difference. Screen to screen. Flash. Crack. Snap. Crack(le). Pop. In-difference. 3. CONCERNING THE HISTORICAL "ORIGINS" OF THIS TEXT A message illuminates the screen that partially cuts my {lesh (rom what remains pulsating. Its color is pink. light green and violent. This message 43 death at the parulte cafe inPORMs me that somebody is knocking at the door of what might yet be critically re-membered.

Each camera shot is cut by a frame of the doubled woman's baby in the next room unaware. Am I actually going to see the woman's breasts, the rape? This show operates for profit. Whose profit? The reel violence of this obscene spectacle shifts in focus. The doubled woman-victim of this (a)morality play now out-smarts her would-be monsterrapist. She tells hirn that if only he'd allow her to phone in late for work he'd have plenty of time to rape her without anybody noticing. " Then the doubled woman outsmarts the monster by quietly phoning her normal-male friend Scott, and Eva, a woman police dispatcher at 911.

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