Death Watch #2: Warrior Coven by CS Goto

By CS Goto

There's full-on area Marine motion within the awesome sequel to "Warrior Brood"! the enduring house Marines blast into motion with all weapons blazing in CS Goto's most modern novel. The sequel to "Warrior Brood" explores the Deathwatch house Marines and their remit to seek down the foul alien creatures that besiege mankind from all fronts. Warrior Coven sees the Deathwatch being pressured to best friend with these they've got sworn to wreck. Can they carry their fanatical hatred in payment to avoid a much bigger evil from getting into the universe? This action-packed novel from the writer of "Dawn of warfare" brings the bleak darkness of the far-future to lifestyles in an epic SF story with an explosive climax.

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His mind was accustomed to experiencing the horrible and the terrible of the galaxy. He had watched his battlebrothers die; he had seen aliens torture his brethren, and he had tortured them in return. He had gazed into the inexplicable and infinite evil that lurked in the eyes of a tyranid hive tyrant and he had seen entire worlds burn. But the sight of Ulthwe was not something for which any of his terrible memories could have prepared him. With his helmet tucked under his arm ready to lead the landing party, Octavius stared, unblinking, and his complex blue eyes sparkled with awe.

Except for Thae'akzi herself, they all emanated a restrained disgust at the sight before them.  Goto «Warrior Coven» humidity of a diseased jungle. In comparison to the boxy, lumbering bulk of the Lance of Darkness, the group of eldar felt like angels or deities. They were like dark, slender gods, watching the approach of lesser animals. For a moment, Dhrykna dropped her eyes to her feet and saw her new boots as though for the first time. They shone with pristine whiteness, rimmed with a line of silver-blue, glittering against the dark, shimmering wraithbone deck.

The presence of the Deathwatch does far too much honour to the eldar of Ulthwe. He was not about to deny it, not even for the sake of diplomacy. If the mission had called for a diplomat, Vargas would have sent an inquisitor with them. Diplomacy was not what the Deathwatch did best. The green eldar witch grimaced slightly, as though trying to smile. Her half-closed eyes flashed between long eyelashes. At the same time, the other eldar seemed to twitch and shift their feet. A couple of them turned their heads to look back into the interior of the craftworld, as though eager to leave.

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