Debating the Kennedy Presidency (Debating Twentieth-Century by James N. Giglio

By James N. Giglio

Debating the Kennedy Presidency examines the successes and screw ups of Kennedy's overseas and household guidelines. The differing viewpoints of the 2 authors, in addition to the supplementary records, enable readers to ascertain the problems and draw their very own conclusions approximately America's thirty fifth president.

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Forces might have led to sustained, bloody war. One feature of the Bay of Pigs invasion plan that was not disclosed in mid-April 1961 was the CIA’Sefforts to assassinate Castro. In mid-March and again in early April 1961, the CIA’S underworld contacts managed to pass poison pills to anti-Castro Cubans in Havana. One plot failed when the pills, hidden in an icebox at Castro’s favorite restaurant, froze to the john E Kennedy and the World 35 coils. The plan was to place the lethal pills in Castro’s ice cream dessert.

S. and Soviet tanks faced one another at “Checkpoint Charlie,” a border crossover point. Through an intermediary, the president suggested a face-saving formula to Khrushchev; both sides withdrew their tanks. Chairman Khrushchev gained some short-term advantages from the ugly Berlin Wall. By halting the flight of refugees, he preserved East Germany, a buffer state for the Soviet Union. He may have also contained the 28 Stephen G. &be East German leadership. Khrushchev distrusted all Germans, including German Communists.

S. S. investors came to dominate Cuba’s economic life. S. investors accounted for 40 percent of the country’s critical sugar production. S. companies also controlled public utilities, oil refineries, mines, railroads, and the tourist industry. S. firms would supply most of Cuba’s imports. S. tourists considered Havana their playground for gambling, narcotics, and prostitution. S. weapons because the dictator protected foreign investments, voted with Washington at the United Nations, and professed to be an anticommunist.

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