Descended and Cryptorchid Testis by J. C. Czyba, C. Girod (auth.), E. S. E. Hafez (eds.)

By J. C. Czyba, C. Girod (auth.), E. S. E. Hafez (eds.)

During the previous decade broad investigations were performed at the testis. because the observations were released in lots of diverse journals. it appeared applicable to compile and summarize a few of the pertinent findings in one quantity. Twenty-eight scientists and clinicians from 9 international locations have contributed to this booklet. they've got reviewed the literature and provided their very own, new observations at the developmentaL anatomicaL physiologicaL biochemical and pathological facets of the descended and cryptorchid testis. additionally, numerous members have evaluated the usefulness of convinced animals as versions for systematically learning particular elements of cryptorchidism. it's was hoping that this quantity will function an invaluable precis and reference for these operating during this zone and that it'll motivate additional learn in testicular physiopathology. The editor thank you the participants for his or her enthusiasm, cooperation and meticulous writing of the chapters. The aid of the Departments of GynecologyjObstetrics and the dept of body structure of Wayne country collage college of drugs. Detroit and the help from the workers of Martinus Nijhoff are gratefully stated. The joyful cooperation of leave out Lori Rust and leave out Penny Stoops who helped to variety and gather the amount is such a lot deeply appreciated.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS also grateful to Dr. F. Clementi for the use of freeze-fracture apparatus. Research performed under Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche project. 'Biology of Reproduction'. I thank the staff of the Comparative Anatomy Laboratory. particularly Dr. E. Franchi for completing the drawings. I am REFERENCES Afzelius BA. Eliasson R. 10hnsen O. Lindholmer C: Lack of dynein arms in immotile human spermatozoa. 1 Cell Bioi 66: 225-232. 1'i75. Baccetti B, Burrini A. Pallini V. Renieri T. Rosati F.

As a result of the first mciotic division. the nuclei of each daughter cell. or secondary spermatocyte, have an apparently haploid set of chromosomes (each chromosome is actually made up of two chromatids) recombined through crossing-over. 2. Secondary spermatocytes The secondary spermatocytes (Figure 6d) arc relatively small cells; their spherical nuclei contain some large chromatin granules and often are devoid of a GERM CELLS Figure 5. (a) AP-spermatogonium. A small nucleo lu s (Nc) is visible in a peripheral position.

_ - - - - - - AP pale 8 flat rounded pear-shaped - 30,um oval-irregular homogeneous nucleolonema wide oval-regular granular. rarefaction nucleolonema peripheral tubular peripheral tubular less wide spherical homogeneous nucleolonema pars amorpha peripheral cristae <2,um spherical granular nucleolonema pars amorpha central cristae groups with ER positive groups with ER positive pairs with bars negative single negative Classijicariol/ AL long Shape of cell Attachment to basal lamina Nuclear shape Chromatin Type of nucleolus very flat AD dark --------- Position of nucleolus Type of mitochondria Arrangements of mitochondria Glycogen * From Wartenberg (1976.

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