Description and Comparison in Cultural Anthropology by Ward H. Goodenough

By Ward H. Goodenough

The Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures are meant to commemorate either the guy and his paintings, the latter being seen as having supplied an admirably huge and sizeable base for anthropologists of later generations to construct upon, as they've got performed, and proceed to do, in assorted methods.

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Museums are usually stereotyped as dusty garage amenities for old artefacts thought of very important by way of just a handful of students. lately there was attempt at the a part of a few museumologists to re-evaluate the function and obligations of museums, paintings galleries and technology centres as essential social associations of their groups.

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Arno ld' s discussion is worth noting too because she gives more detail than is avai lable for mediterranean countries abo ut the range of sexual activity considered dece nt by Latin practi tioners: it is perhap s rather limited. In defau lt of evidence from mediterranean countries, that might be cited in support of the argument that " the gradation s of honor are finely drawn, but the varieties of sexual behavio r do not seem to be sufficient ly great, nor sufficiently public, to acco unt for the near absolute discrimi nation which Pisticcesi make between families" (Davis 1969).

Eco no mic Journ al 4 :54555 1. 34 John Davis Santangelo-Spoto, Hippolyte 1890 Mineur des Soufrieres de Lercara (Palermo, Sicilie). Ouvrier Proprietaire dans Ie Systeme des Engagements Volontaires Permanentes. In Les Ouvriers des Deux Mondes: Etudes sur les Traveaux, la Vie Domestique et la Condition Morale des Populations Ouvrieres des Diverses Centres. F. Ie Play, ed . Pp. 325-396 , Second Series. First Series. 5 Vols. 1857-75 ; Second Series, 5 Vols. 1887-99; Third Series, 20 fascicles , 1900-1 2.

F. Le Play , ed . Pp . 385-432 , Second Series. First Series , S Vols. 1857-75 ; Second SeriesvS vol s. 1887-1 899; Third Serie s , 20 fascicles , 1900-1912 . Paris: Societe d'Economie et de Scienc e Sociale. Herr , Rich ard 1977 Spain . In Europea n Landed Elites in the Nineteenth Century . D . Spring , cd . Pp . 98- 126 . Baltim ore: John s Hopkins University Press. Herzfeld , Michael 1980 Honor and Sham e: Problems in the Co mparative An alysis of Moral Systems. Man 15:33935 1. ITAL Y 1845 Co llezio ni Co mpleta dei Moderni Codici Civili degli Stati d 'ltalia, Second o l'Ord ine Cro nologico della Loro Pubb lica zion e , etc .

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